Data Driven
Asset Management

Fuelogix Data Management System (DMS) integrates a cloud database with various industry leading data gathering technologies

Return on Investment

Fuelogix Data Management System (DMS) integrates a cloud database with various industry leading data gathering technologies. The DMS enables users to remotely access data, including fuel transaction information, on-board engine diagnostics and trouble codes, among other data options using internet enabled devices.

  • Automating the collection of fuel transaction data, power take-off (PTO) hours, and other On Board Diagnostic (OBD) data to maximize state fuel tax refunds.
  • Exporting OBD data from the database to aid in the quarterly filings of International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) documentation.
  • Capturing OBD and fuel transaction data to aid in the preparation of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) volatile organic compound (VOC) reports.
  • Reconciling fuel transactions to vendor invoices on a project basis, significantly reducing unaccounted for fuel usage enterprise-wide and increasing market competitiveness through lower overall fuel costs.
  • Providing a cloud database platform with enterprise-wide access to Business Intelligence (BI) tools for accurate data analysis and decision making.
  • Providing the capability to implement automated State and Federal government reporting tools.
  • Increasing corporate efficiency by automating the collection of fuel transaction and OBD data.
  • Increasing asset performance and reducing maintenance costs through the provision of OBD data to better coordinate equipment maintenance.

Integrated Data Management System

The DMS provides access to the collected data in a secure cloud based environment.

  • Online portal allows defined user roles and security levels to access data and BI tools including: static and dynamic reports, dashboards, and optional analytics tools.
  • Data and reporting are accessible from various computer, tablet and smartphone platforms (e.g. Windows, Android, iOS.).
  • Server authentication and data encryption (SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0) is employed to protect data.
  • Information resides in a facility with a verified SAS 70 Type II that includes cloud servers and cloud files.
  • Open database compliance (ODBC) provides the capability for the DMS to interface with third party fleet maintenance and corporate accounting systems.
  • Cloud database platform providing enterprise-wide access to BI tools for accurate data analysis and decision making.


With clients such as the Department of Defense and twenty six Departments of Transportation, Fuel Master provides a proven technology.

  • Automotive information module (AIM) 2.4GHz HD is installed on the equipment to be fueled and uses a 100 milliwatt radio with the requisite signal strength and design to function in rugged environments such as the oilfield.
  • The AIM communicates outside the range of other field communication systems to assist in site safety.
  • The external rare earth magnet, fixed-mounted antenna provides reliable system communication.
  • The AIM Heavy Duty (HD) equipment case and connectors are engineered for rugged environments.
  • Resin-filled cases protect AIM2.4 HD components from the elements, vibration, shock and power washing.
  • Uses aircraft-grade electrical connections, with Kynar cable looming.
  • Tank rings constructed of thick abrasion and chemical resistant HNBR rubber
  • Fuel Management Units (FMUs) are mounted on the fuel dispensing equipment.
  • The FMUs communicate with the AIM devices to verify fuel dispensing parameters, record fuel transactions and OBD information. Recorded information is transmitted wirelessly to the Fuelogix database.
  • FMUs passively capture vehicle ID, current mileage, date, time, fuel quantity, fuel type, engine hours, PTO hours, and vehicle error codes, among other OBD data.
  • The technology eliminates fuel spillage by terminating the fueling process when the RFID nozzle ring is removed from the proximity of the tank fuel ring.
  • Wireless technology utilized for memory and upgrade capabilities.
  • Built-in self-diagnostics of components.


Implementation is paramount to any project’s ultimate success.

Implementation is often overlooked when planning an enterprise-wide technology deployment, and is paramount to any project’s ultimate success. Poor implementation can significantly increase costs and negatively impact the return of investment. Fuelogix ensures a successful implementation by following a detailed implementation process that includes:

  • Facility and asset assessment to determine current fueling related capabilities, in-place technologies, and specific asset quantities and configurations.
  • Coordination with client on asset availability to ensure a timely and economic installation of the technology.
  • Installation coordinated and performed by certified AIM 2.4 technicians.
  • Internet based installation database continually updated; including photo documentation of each installation and permits client monitoring of installation progress.
  • Appropriate client personnel at each facility will participate in the installation process to ensure a complete understanding of the technology operation and ensuring future maintenance and trouble-shooting capabilities of the client’s personnel.

Fuelogix focuses on specific installation requirements to ensure the long term performance of the technology. Some of the specific installation requirements include:

  • Review of Fuelogix installation procedures with the client to ensure compliance with client specific requirements.
  • Equipment wiring harness kits are pre-loomed for specific assets and shipped to installation locations with heat-shrunk connections already in place; reducing the amount of wiring work done in the field to connect hardware.
  • Die-cut 3M very high bond adhesive used to secure tank rings to fuel tanks to ensure adhesion within the field environment and when exposed to fuel.
  • Customer service support is provided through a 24 hour support line, internet based training and trouble-shooting videos, laminated installation and trouble-shooting instruction cards, and a network of certified technicians.

Vendor Partnership

Now more than ever, building powerful relationships with vendors has become a critical success factor for corporations.

  • Approved fuel vendors (AFVs) are required, by the client and Fuelogix, to install FMUs on their fuel dispensing equipment that services the client.
  • Fuelogix coordinates directly with AFVs to install, operate and maintain the FMU technology.
  • An AFV database of properly trained and equipped vendors will be maintained and accessible by Fuelogix clients.

Electronic Vehicle Inspection Reporting System

The Fuelogix EVIRS integrates a cloud database and an industry-leading mobile application to ensure that required Department of Transportation vehicle pre-trip and post-trip inspections are performed effectively, electronically documented and archived.

  • Upon login, the EVIRS populates the appropriate state DOT inspection report with the correct vehicle and operator information.
  • Makes current and archived reports accessible to the operator, maintenance personnel, and management through the cloud database.
  • The EVIRS ensures that operators perform the required inspection tasks and provides additional inspection detail by requiring operators to take time and date stamped photos with the internet enabled device during the inspection process.
  • Open database compliance (ODBC) provides the capability for the EVIRS to interface with third party fleet maintenance systems.
  • The EVIRS automatically stores the DOT inspection information for 90 days or longer, and reports can be accessed to satisfy internal and external auditing processes.
  • The operator’s signature is captured electronically to complete the reports, in conjunction with the required signatures from maintenance personnel.
  • EVIRS organizes the required inspection data to efficiently guide the operator through the inspection process, thereby reducing the time required to perform the inspection.
  • In addition to the required inspection process photographs, operators are required to take photos of any item that is determined to be a hazard or in need of repair. Photos for flagged items can be accessed by maintenance personnel.
  • When necessary, the EVIRS provides additional fields for the operator to make notes or take additional photos during the inspection if necessary.
  • Cloud database platform provides enterprise-wide access to Business Intelligence (BI) tools for accurate data analysis used in the decision making process.
  • Increasing corporate efficiency by automating the collection of EVIR data.
  • Effective use of EVIR data to coordinate equipment maintenance, can enhance asset performance and reduce maintenance costs fleet-wide.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence (BI) tools can provide timely, accurate, high-value and actionable business insights that can turn operational data into meaningful knowledge.

Timely – Utilizing data within an online analytical process is a much faster way of producing relevant business data and presenting it in an intuitive manner to push critical insights to users.

Accurate – Multi-dimensional analysis and reporting based on data that correctly reflects the objective reality of the organization that can be “drilled” into to be examined and verified.

High Value – Perform advanced data analysis on key performance indicators specific to your operational enterprise. You can move quickly through superfluous data to the data that matters.

Actionable – Allowing precise trends of key performance indicators to be visualized and activities to be monitored. Empowering personnel to recommend immediate action to take advantage of a situation, or prevent a problem from growing worse.

BI is most successful when focused on specific business needs using a defined metrics framework providing significant insights to business users.

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